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Welcome to A-Pass

A-Pass is a flexible Driving School which brings the highest quality tuition to its students and provides a calming environment in which to learn. We provide courses to meet your needs.

With over 20 years of experience, A-Pass brings the highest quality tuition to it’s students providing both a calm environment in which to learn, and high quality instructors to help you become a safe, responsible driver. Our customers speak for us.

A-Pass Driving School Northampton Cars

Here at A-Pass, we have always put driving excellence and road safety first. We have an excellent pass rate and are confident we can help you learn the skills you need to become a confident fully qualified driver. Not only will you learn the necessary skills to past the test, you will also gain knowledge and experience to help you come a responsive and well abled driver for life. After all, learning to drive continues well beyond than merely passing the test.

We accept students from all over Northampton, including: Kettring, Kingsthorpe, Hunsbury, Duston, Abington, and Moulton.


Driving Lessons

A-Pass offers driving lessons tailored to meet your needs. Timing is flexible to work around your timetable, and lessons may be longer than an hour to give you more driving time. As your test date approaches, we will show you the test routes you are likely to encounter to allow you to become familiar with them.

Please call 07970 162626, or enquire online for more information about learning to drive with us.

Intensive Driving Courses

If you need to learn to drive quickly, A-Pass offers offers intensive driving courses. As a rough guide to how many lessons the average person might need:

  • 10 Hours
    • This course is suitable for people who can already drive, but need a refresher course to ensure they meet the required standard to pass the test.
  • 20 Hours
    • This course is suitable for people who have considerable driving experience, but have had little or no experience with more advances topics such as: multi-lane roundabouts, duel carriage ways, and manoeuvres.
  • 35 Hours
    • This course is suitable for people who have never driven before.

Motorway Tuition

Whether you have recently passed your test or have been driving for a long time, some people have little experience of driving on motorways. Motorways are different to normal roads; if you are not familiar with them, they can be intimidating. A-Pass offers a course on motorway driving aimed at helping you feel more confident on motorways.

Pass Plus Tuition

Pass Plus is a course introduced by the DSA to allow you to gain more driving experience. This experience includes topics that are not covered in the test. Modules include:

  • Town Driving
  • All Weather Driving
  • Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads
  • Night Driving
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Motorways

There is no test at the end of the Pass Plus course, but you may be entitled to a discount on your insurance. To find out more about Pass Plus, take a look at The Official Pass Plus Website.

Driving Instructor Training

Please call 07970 162626, or enquire online for information about instructor training.


  • Experienced male and female instructors available.
  • Manual and automatic cars available.
  • Individually tailored lessons.
  • Flexible bookings that work around you.
  • Lessons available 7 days a week.
  • Discount for block bookings.
  • Get picked up and dropped off where it suits you.
  • Only one pupil at a time.
  • Free help with the theory test.


All prices are the same for manual and automatic transmissions.

Special Offers

  • First two hours for £35 for beginners.

Regular Hours

  • Now £25 per hour (was £28 per hour)
  • 10 Hours block booking for £240

Peak Hours*

  • £40 for 90 minutes (an hour and half)
* Peak hours are on Weekends or after 5pm on Weekdays.